Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Chloe was staying with a relative of her guardian in Commerce City, Colorado when she got free and started barking at a neighbor's house.  The neighbor called 911 and when the police arrived, they restrained her with a catch pole.  Offcer Robert Price tased her, shot her five times, and killed her.

At least a neighbor caught the officers' treatment of Chloe on video.
There is a four minute standoff, where Chloe is backed into a corner.  At around 4:40, the officers snag her, she tries to run away, and she is immediately shot.

 The department seems to be taking the incident seriously.  Officer Price is on paid administrative leave and is going to be charged with felony cruelty to animals. Two other officers have been removed from patrol duty.

I'm not sure that I support the decision to pursue a criminal case.  The real problem seems like a lack of training.  I do think, however, that an officer who can't keep cool while approaching a companion animal probably doesn't belong out on patrol.


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