Monday, August 1, 2011

D-Bo, pit bull-mix, shot and killed by St. Petersburg, Florida police officer

Last Monday, Officer Jereme Hayes responded to a 911 call about a domestic dispute and was greeted by D-Bo, an eight month old pit bull-Shar-Pei mix.  When D-Bo's caretaker, Tammy Kay Chabala, opened the door, she called for her door to restrain D-Bo, but he was let into the hallway and approached Officer Hayes.  According to Hayes, D-Bo snarled at him, bit him, and was attempting to bit him again when he shot the dog dead.  However, Chabala claims that D-Bo was friendly and wagging his tail when he was killed.

Officer Hayes takes care of two of his own pit bulls and has been trained in identifying aggressive dogs.  He is said to be a dog lover.

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