Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birmingham police shoot and kill Buddy

Last Saturday night, Birmingham police officers shot and killed Buddy, a dog cared for by Terry Boyle.

Boyle, his neighbors, and the police can't seem to agree on any aspects of the story at all.  The police claim that they've responded to incidents involving Buddy at least twice in the last two years.  They say that the dog was aggressive, "off his owner's property, and on the attack" when they shot him.

However, folks from the neighborhood tell a different story.  They say that Buddy was on his porch and causing no problems.  When the police approached, Buddy ran away to the side of the house and was shot dead.

Boyle and the cops can't even agree on Buddy's breed.  The police, perhaps in order to make the dog sound intimidating, claim that he was a Rottweiler.  Boyle says he was probably a black lab-shepherd mix.

Boyle says that Buddy was his best friend and is demanding an explanation.  Police originally arrived at the house because of a complaint that Buddy was on the loose.

HT The Agitator

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